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Inconel® Alloy 718 Tubing

Alloy Metals and Tubes International is your partner for Inconel® 718 tubing.  Working with a diverse selection of domestic manufacturers, Alloy Metals and Tubes International is your source for your custom tubing needs.
Inconel 718 Tubing

Inconel 718 Tubing

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Specifications AMS 5589, 5590

Inconel® Alloy 718 (UNS N07718.W.Nr. 2.4668), is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium alloy, useful for its exceptionally high yield, tensile and creep-rupture properties. Alloy Metals and Tubes, International is a distributor of Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing, it is one of our most popular alloys. While we specialize in large OD custom tubes with heavy walls for use in the oil and gas industry; we inventory a range of sizes, from as small as .040″ OD to as large as 6.0″ OD. We manage manufacturing, heat treating to the specifications, machining and inventorying.

Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing, because of its composition, has excellent corrosion resistance. Nickel is a factor in its corrosion resistance in presence of acidity and alkalinity; and contributes to combating chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking. Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing is able to withstand attack by oxidizing media and sulfur compounds due to the Chromium content. Molybdenum allows the alloy to resist pitting. Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing can be easily fabricated and its weldability makes it an attractive choice in a variety of applications, mainly in aerospace and oil and gas industries.

If Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing is going to be machined, formed, or welded, it is purchased in the annealed or stress relieved condition. Once fabricated, it can be heat treated as required by the applicable specification. To produce optimum properties and take advantage of its precipitation-hardening character, several heat treatment procedures have been developed. Literature detailing the different phases developed during heat treating should be studied and compared to the properties desired before any actual heat treating takes place.

Alloy Metals and Tubes International, stocking and supplying Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing to meet the diverse needs of customers in varied markets and applications, seeks to be your preferred quality supplier of Inconel® Alloy 718 tubing. Contact us, or send us a request for a quote today.

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