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Our Focus:  We have stock on our shelves and are focused on hydraulic and instrumentation tubes, fittings and associated components – in low, medium and high pressure applications.  We specialize in stainless and nickel tubes, and stock both domestic and import sources to allow us to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of customers.  If you need 2507, 316L, 317L, 400, 625, 825, 904L, or other nickel alloy tubing, give us a call!  If you have special needs, let us work out a stocking program for you.


Our Facility:  The high-efficiency warehouse set up demonstrates our commitment to the future. We are here for the long run, invested in facilities we own, and are planning to grow with our partners! Our warehouse facility gives us room to grow, and makes us faster, safer, and more efficient.


Our Fingerprint:  Quality is in our DNA.  Our Quality philosophy drives constant improvement, enables operational excellence, and results in customer satisfaction.  Based on our core beliefs, we are strongly committed to Deming principals and ISO processes.  We are trained in industry best practices from managing inventory to partnering with our suppliers and customers. We are striving to serve you better every day.