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Alloy Metals and Tubes International (AMTI) participates with key customers in Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, and the benefits of this symbiotic relationship abound. Would a VMI be the right move for your business? AMTI has the experience and would love to explore the idea with you.

The VMI functions by allowing AMTI to stock tubing in your facility on a rack that is custom-designed to fit the needs of your organization and workflow. By having the material already on the floor, our VMI partners have seen increases in efficiency, quality, and cost. Imagine what an in-house tubing supply could mean for your business and its bottom line!

Specific benefits AMTI’s customers have seen include improvements such as basic organization or material segregation. The use of a VMI rack allows one of our VMI partners to organize its tubing in a manner that made more sense that its previous situation, prevents material cross-contamination, and it freed up enough space on the floor to allow an R&D lab to be built. One custom-designed rack sits much closer to the production line, making the trip to get that material take just seconds instead of minutes.

Some of the most added value has been recognized in the areas of visibility and forecasting. The VMI program allows AMTI to have visibility into the future needs of our partner, which allows us to plan ahead instead of reacting to shortages or, even worse, stoppages. With one VMI client, AMTI has seen production downtime because of lost, forgotten, or long lead time tubing fall to almost zero. Instead, as a result of the VMI program, AMTI knows when to have special long lead time items in stock, and orders tubing accordingly. Our sales team visits the site and helps with inventory monitoring, and this close involvement ensures the necessary communication to keep the VMI system operating at its best efficiency.

If you know that your company would enjoy saving money through better efficiency, improved forecasting, and a vendor actively interested in your business, contact AMTI today to discuss our Vendor-Managed Inventory program.

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