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The Versa-Clamp® is designed to address 3 main issues for offshore tubing installations.

The Versa-Clamp® is designed to address 3 main issues for offshore tubing installations: Crevice Corrosion, Vibration,  and Space Constraints. These 3 issues are present on just about every offshore installation, and the oil and gas industry has long sought ideas to address them.

Crevice corrosion occurs in crevices and other narrow spaces, especially where a choloride-bearing solution, such as seawater, can enter and be trapped. This problem is common to tubing clamps or supports that encapsulate tubing, restrict ventilation around contact points between the tubing and the support, and have a greater surface contact area between the tubing and the support. The risk of crevice corrosion can be reduced or problems eliminated through proper engineering design. The Versa-Clamp® offers minimum contact between the tubing and support, ventilation, and isolation of dissimilar metals.

Vibration can be detected in virtually any tubing installation, and tubing must be clamped firmly and maintain contact with the support. Conventional methods of supporting ubing use assemblies that bend and disengage with tubing, leaving it loose and vulnerable to vibration. The tightening of bolts on each end of the clamp causes the support material to pull down at the bolting points, resulting in the support midsection bending upward. Plastic or metal spacers exist to maintain spacing between the tubing, but they do not offer vibration control. With the Versa-Clamp®, the tubing is held firmly in place by 3 or 4 points of contact, preventing the tubing from shifting horizontally or vertically. The tubing is seated in dimensionally sided grooves that position each tube within the assembly, so that contact is maintained between the tubing and the support.

Space constraints are commonly encountered as designs are are calling for tighter spaces and reduced skid sizes. Industry standard support assemblies use 1/8″ spacing between the tubing. The Versa-Clamp® can be custom made to space the tubing to suit any application. The Versa-Clamp® also offers the ability to contain multiple sizes of tubing in one clamp assembly, to be stacked, or to be assembled in multiple rows or columns.

The Versa-Clamp has been accepted and specified for many projects and installations on equipment by various major oil and gas companies, engineering and consulting firms, I&E contractors, and subsea systems and controls companies. Below is a list of common applications for the Versa-Clamp®:

  • Compressor Skids
  • Chemical Injection Units
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Pump Skids
  • Methanol Tubing Replacements
  • Tieback Installations
  • Topside Umbilical Termination Assemblies
  • Well Hookups
  • AS/SI Tubing Replacements
  • Retrofitting Platform Tubing Supports

Are you interested in more more information? Please request more information and let’s work to find a solution that works for you!

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Houston Strong

Hurricane Harvey brought destruction and devastation to the Texas and Louisiana coasts, much of which is just now being realized as flood waters slowly recede. Alloy Metals and Tubes International and our employees, located near some of the severe flooding in Houston, were fortunate to remain safe during both the downpour and the flooding. Thank you for the many emails and phone calls inquiring about our situation during and after the storm.
AMTI’s facility remained dry and secure and we resumed limited service last week. Beginning Tuesday, September 5th normal business hours and complete operations are in effect. We stand ready to serve you, even as we also serve our community during its effort to rebuild. This past week AMTI employees have taken part in boat rescues, helicopter logistics, food donations, fund raising for affected families, and home remediation. We are a family business and committed to our business partners and community.
Houston is a strong, resilient city and AMTI stands strong with it. Should you wish to contribute to AMTI’s efforts to rebuild the community, please follow this LINK.
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Combat Offshore Corrosion

The Versa-Clamp’s unique design provides the combination of necessary solutions for preventing or reducing electrolysis and crevice-corrosion while satisfying industry needs for tube and pipe clamp design and integration.

The Versa-Clamp provides a compact, precision made system with features that allow uniform configurations of tubing with equal or dissimilar diameters to be secured and supported within the same system.

Tungum compares favorably to other common tubing used to fight corrosion. Compared to 316 stainless steel, Tungum offers 4-6 times the working life but does not suffer the same pitting and crevice corrosion issues. Compared to super duplex materials, Tungum provides a faster install at a noticeably lower cost.

Read more about Tungum Tubing or the Versa-Clamp.

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Now Stocking Tungum tubing!

Alloy Metals and Tubes International now offers a product known for its unrivaled pitting and crevice corrosion resistance – Tungum tubing. Combining unusually high strength to weight ratio with ductility, excellent corrosion resistance, and first class fatigue properties, Tungum tube exhibits unparalleled versatility and longevity.

Tungum tube can be found in many demanding environments and applications. These include oil and gas, offshore, dive systems, marine, medical, and others. In use since the 1930s, no recorded failures of correctly installed Tungum tubing exist. This track record of excellence causes many to say that Tungum tube is “fit and forget” tubing. It is also highly resistant to fatigue and shock brought about by vibration. Because of these features, its use spreads across the globe in a variety of industries and environments.

Tungum tubing compares favorably to other common tubing used to fight corrosion. Compared to 316 stainless steel, Tungum offers 4-6 times the working life but does not suffer the same pitting and crevice corrosion issues. Compared to super duplex materials, Tungum provides a faster install at a noticeably lower cost.

Experience excellent cost savings over the life of a project and reduce system down times by using Tungum tubing. This alloy installs quickly and is compatible with all industry recognized tube fittings. With other metals encountering a decline in usage, Tungum experiences growth in markets across the world. Alloy Metals and Tubes International is proud to be part of the worldwide distribution network for Tungum tube.

Contact us today to explore how Tungum can save your job money and increase its longevity. Click here to read more.

Tungum Tubing

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Alloy Metals and Tubes International (AMTI) participates with key customers in Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) programs, and the benefits of this symbiotic relationship abound. Would a VMI be the right move for your business? AMTI has the experience and would love to explore the idea with you.

The VMI functions by allowing AMTI to stock tubing in your facility on a rack that is custom-designed to fit the needs of your organization and workflow. By having the material already on the floor, our VMI partners have seen increases in efficiency, quality, and cost. Imagine what an in-house tubing supply could mean for your business and its bottom line!

Specific benefits AMTI’s customers have seen include improvements such as basic organization or material segregation. The use of a VMI rack allows one of our VMI partners to organize its tubing in a manner that made more sense that its previous situation, prevents material cross-contamination, and it freed up enough space on the floor to allow an R&D lab to be built. One custom-designed rack sits much closer to the production line, making the trip to get that material take just seconds instead of minutes.

Some of the most added value has been recognized in the areas of visibility and forecasting. The VMI program allows AMTI to have visibility into the future needs of our partner, which allows us to plan ahead instead of reacting to shortages or, even worse, stoppages. With one VMI client, AMTI has seen production downtime because of lost, forgotten, or long lead time tubing fall to almost zero. Instead, as a result of the VMI program, AMTI knows when to have special long lead time items in stock, and orders tubing accordingly. Our sales team visits the site and helps with inventory monitoring, and this close involvement ensures the necessary communication to keep the VMI system operating at its best efficiency.

If you know that your company would enjoy saving money through better efficiency, improved forecasting, and a vendor actively interested in your business, contact AMTI today to discuss our Vendor-Managed Inventory program.

Put us to work for you!

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Community Involvement

At Alloy Metals and Tubes International, Inc. we value more than simply business as we take pleasure in the success and growth of the people and area around us. Because of this, we actively seek to be involved in our community through volunteerism, charitable efforts, service projects, and community leadership. Supporting individuals and organizations of our neighbors and partners means a lot to AMTI, and we direct our efforts through some specific areas of focus.



AMTI believes in the value of a strong education and is dedicated to helping educate the next generation of industry leaders. We participate in the PVF Roundtable which raises money for the PVF Roundtable Endowment Scholarship Fund. This fund has been providing substantial scholarships to worthy students heading to top universities which provide industry-related programs.


Employees at AMTI also participate in Loving Kids – a ministry partnership between Second Baptist Church and The Community of Faith – where they volunteer at elementary schools in the Acres Homes neighborhood.


Additionally, AMTI enjoys a strong relationship with the Industrial Distribution Program at Texas A&M University, hiring interns out of that program and providing them with valuable job experience to augment their classroom education.



AMTI employees participate directly in several initiatives, often partnering with local churches, around Houston that serve city residents from lower-income areas. Our efforts support home improvement projects, food drives, Christmas celebrations, school facilities repair, etc.


Annually, AMTI employees serve the Angels of Light program at Second Baptist Church. Angels of Light serves over 7,000 needy participants by providing each a meal, a clothing certificate redeemable at Goodwill, a Bible, a sack of groceries, and each child receives a toy for a Christmas present.


Along with these efforts, AMTI employees are active in their local Home Owners Associations, local charities, and local youth sports programs.
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Focus, Facility, Fingerprint

Our Focus:  We have stock on our shelves and are focused on hydraulic and instrumentation tubes, fittings and associated components – in low, medium and high pressure applications.  We specialize in stainless and nickel tubes, and stock both domestic and import sources to allow us to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of customers.  If you need 2507, 316L, 317L, 400, 625, 825, 904L, or other nickel alloy tubing, give us a call!  If you have special needs, let us work out a stocking program for you.


Our Facility:  The high-efficiency warehouse set up demonstrates our commitment to the future. We are here for the long run, invested in facilities we own, and are planning to grow with our partners! Our warehouse facility gives us room to grow, and makes us faster, safer, and more efficient.


Our Fingerprint:  Quality is in our DNA.  Our Quality philosophy drives constant improvement, enables operational excellence, and results in customer satisfaction.  Based on our core beliefs, we are strongly committed to Deming principals and ISO processes.  We are trained in industry best practices from managing inventory to partnering with our suppliers and customers. We are striving to serve you better every day.