HAM-LET ASTAVA draws from a strong engineering heritage to offer a broad range of products – valves and manifolds suitable for gas and liquid services – as well as full-service solutions, that include custom engineering, design and manufacture of Instrument enclosures, modular mounting systems, hook-ups and interlocking solutions for critical conditions and temperatures.

Astava Manifolds

As a customer-focused company, HAM-LET ASTAVA provides high-quality products and engineering solutions that address our customers’ business and technical requirements.

For the HAM-LET ASTAVA line, we can offer scalability to design:

  • Choice of materials from AISI 316 to special alloy solutions for highly toxic areas
  • Connections, Pressure and Temperature ratings varieties
  • Bonnet assemblies offer different stem, seal and material selections
  • Option for standard packing, O-Ring sealing and fugitive emissions bonnets
  • Extensive range of valve configurations and flow schemes
  • Fully equipped instrument enclosures

With over 50 years of designing and manufacturing reliable products and solutions, HAM-LET ASTAVA has acquired an outstanding reputation for quality and customer service.