For over 40 years, Hy-Lok has been making hard-working, adaptable, and robust instrumentation tube fittings and valves. Understanding that you work in industries where there is little margin for error, Hy-Lok recognizes the need for equipment that will consistently perform in a variety of challenging conditions. For this reason, Hy-Lok has scoured the globe for the best available alloys and materials, which are built to work as hard as you do.

Our range of instrumentation tube fittings and instrumentation valves are designed to deliver optimum performance, exactly when you need them. We stock a wide range of alloys in numerous shapes, sizes, and fittings, and as we know your industry our experts would be more than happy to help you find the best solutions for your current and future projects.

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“Hy-Lok Tube Fittings meet the requirements of ASTM F1387-12 and SAE MA2003.”

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