The Versa-Clamp tube clamp’s unique design provides the combination of necessary solutions for preventing or reducing electrolysis and crevice-corrosion while satisfying industry needs for tube and pipe clamp design and integration.

The Versa-Clamp tube clamp provides a compact, precision made system with features that allow uniform configurations of tubing with equal or dissimilar diameters to be secured and supported within the same system. Designers and end users have the options to specify material the tube clamps are made from as well as the spacing of tubing to suit their applications or purchase packaged pipe clamp assemblies made from DuPont™ Delrin acetal material, the standard for Versa-Clamp tube clamps and pipe clamps.


Offshore, marine vessel & onshore installation
Clamping and support of any steel or alloy tube
High temperature or corrosive environments
Isolation of dislike metals and anti-crevice corrosion
Gang clamping or securing to structure
Equipment where vibration is present
Heavy wall tubing or pipe support
Initial installation and long term maintenance cost savings

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Versa-Clamp® is a registered trademark.

Delrin® is a registered trademark of Dupont.